Secrets of the Maya

14-day tour

Join Bob on a spectacular once-in-a-lifetime journey through the heartland of the Maya World.


All expenses included: airfare from Cancun, helicopter tour of El Mirador, all meals, transportation, entrance fees and accommodations 

Departures from Cancun.  Guests responsible for drinks, personal items and tips. Double occupancy.

$3,870 USD per person (8 pax)

$3,700 USD per person (10 pax)

$3,600 USD per person (12 pax)

Single supplement of $600 USD



 Day 1.    Arrive in Cancun

Day 2.    Fly to Guatemala City - Museum

Day 3.    Copan afternoon tour

Day 4.    Copan morning tour - Quirigua 

Day 5.    Tikal Museum

Day 6.    Full day tour of Tikal 

Day 7.    Uaxactun pre-classic ruins

Day 8.    El Mirador helicopter tour 

Day 9.    Walking + Boat Tour of Yaxha

Day 10.   Xunantunich & Cahal Pech 

Day 11.   Lamanai ruins 

Day 12.   Cerros pre-classic ruins

Day 13.   Dzibanche and Kinichna

Day 14.   Depart from Cancun

Tour Narrative
Secrets of the Maya

Plan to arrive in Cancun on February 12.  Once you board your hotel shuttle, your All-Inclusive Adventure begins.  We will enjoy a group dinner and go over all last minute details.  The next morning we return to the airport and fly directly to Guatemala City.  Before checking into our hotel we will visit the excellent National Museum of Archaeology.  Early the next morning we cross the border into Honduras and check into our hotel.  We will have two sessions at Copan - the afternoon of Day 3 and the next morning to allow us sufficient time to see the entire site.  Our next stop is the small but mighty site of Quirigua with its famously tall stelas.  We end the day at a picturesque, water side hotel in Rio Dulce. 


On Day 5 we drive to Tikal and will check out the museum and prepare for the next days in the Peten jungle.  Day 6 is totally devoted to touring Tikal.  Because we are staying directly at the site, the tour begins before all the tour buses arrive.  Day 7 is a real delight.  Uaxactun is a rare Maya site with pre-classic architecture in pure sight.  We should have the site to ourselves.  El Mirador is the hottest and least accessible site in the Maya World.  Our helicopter tour from Flores is included in the tour price and is spectacular.  We depart to nearby Yaxha on the morning of Day 9.  This beautiful site is on a lake and you'll have a great time on the boat and walking tour.

On Day 10 we cross the border into Belize.  Xunantunich and Cahal Pech are historically very significant and we'll do full visits at both.  Our overnight is in the fun jungle town of San Ignacio.  Lamanai is another site on a large lake and has perhaps the longest occupation history of any Maya site.  We'll stay overnight on the lake itself.  Before we cross into Mexico we stop first at another pre-classic site at Cerros.  Rarely visited, you will be astounded by the monumental architecture at this ancient site.

On Day 13, we leave our hotel in Chetumal and stop at Dzibanche and Kinichna.  Dzibanche is a mysterious and beautiful site that was the home of the infamous "Snake Kingdom" that dominated the Maya Lowlands for 200 years.  We then return to Cancun prior to your departure the next day.

Why Choose Bob's MayaWorld Tours?
  • All-Inclusive all the time
  • Tour begins and ends in Cancun - less cost for you
  • Bob's MayaWorld has decades of experience in touring and study throughout the region
  • High quality accommodations and meals
  • Qualified and friendly guides (2 guides!)
  • El Mirador helicopter tour included!
  • You will learn how to identify Lowland Maya architectural styles
  • Fully insured and licensed operator
  • Well planned itinerary means more time onsite and less time on the bus
  • Full historical overview of Pre-Classic, Classic and Post-Classic Maya
  • Small tour size of 12 or fewer participants