Calakmul Group Tour

Tour Length: Three days / Two Nights

What's included:  All transportation, lodging, and entrance fees

Group Size: 8 - 10 people

Tour Details:  Starts and arrives at Merida

Tour Dates: December 13 - 15 2019 AND January 31 - February 2, 2020

Cost: 7,200 Pesos / 385 USD (Double Occupancy)

Join us for an exciting adventure to the jungle along the Guatemala border.  In this protected area you will have the opportunity to see a wide range of animals and birds.  For those interested in Maya history you will learn how to identify five different architectural styles.  

Calakmul was one of the two most important kingdoms in the Classical Period. Where did the Snake dynasty originate? How did it come to become the most important power in the entire Maya world? These and many other topics will be addressed. 


Balamku – one of the largest surviving stucco friezes in the Maya world – 800 years old 

Becan – the oldest site in the area with three architectural styles 

Hochob– Iconic Chenes site

Chicanna – explore the Chenes style “Serpent Mouth” and understand basic Maya cosmology 

Hormiguero – Late classic site with wild Rio Bec and Chenes - style temple 

Calakmul – Home of the Snake kingdom. Climb Temple II (150 ft. tall) and see the epic El Mirador site 37 km. to the south in Guatemala. Monkeys, peccaries, deer, eagles, oscillated turkeys are just some of the species that are abundant. Special focus on astroarchaeology. 

The Bat Volcano – A huge cave / cenote that is home to millions of bats that swarm all at the same time at dusk for their nocturnal feeding.  A UN Heritage site.  To book this tour, click here!