On the Trail of the Caste War

Tour Length: Three days / Two Nights

What's included:  All transportation, lodging, entrance fees, breakfasts and some lunches

Group Size: 6 - 8 people

Tour Details:  Starts and arrives at Merida

Tour Dates: TBD, can be booked as a private tour

Cost: 7,500 Pesos / 420 USD (Double Occupancy)

This incredible tour will give you insight into the Caste Wars, the history of Maya resistance, and a fascinating glimpse into current Maya religious practices

This tour is based in the beautiful colonial town of Valladolid. You will have ample opportunity to stroll the pedestrian mall and check out the boutiques and restaurants. We'll visit a range of churches, intact and destroyed in the Caste Wars. On the way south from Valladolid our first stop is the purely Maya church of Xocen - no pictures allowed inside! Xocen was seen as the center of the world by the Maya following the "Talking Cross." In Tihosuco you'll find the largest of the churches destroyed in the Caste War and the marvelous Caste War museum.  To book this tour, click here!