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The Snake Kingdom and Tikal Part 1

It’s possible the Snake Kingdom began more than 2000 years ago in the El Mirador area near the Guatemalan border with Mexico. After the first Maya collapse around 150 AD new power centers emerged, Tikal being the first and largest. The second wave of early classic kingdoms include Becan, Oxkintok (close to Merida), Dzibanche and Calakmul. The first documented mention of the Snake Kingdom is at Dzibanche (81 km. from Bacalar) is 495 AD although it’s history certainly goes back at least a century. At the same time Calakmul was already a large city ruled by the Bat dynasty. In 580 the Snake ate the Bat and soon after Calakmul was the most powerful Maya Kingdom. Below is the emblem glyph of the Snake kingdom.

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