Santa Rosa Xtampak - Chenes Zone Tour

Tour Length: Two days / One Night

What's included:  All transportation, lodging, and entrance fees

Group Size: 6 - 12 people

Tour Details:  Starts and arrives at Merida

Tour Dates: January 19 - January 2020, 2020

Cost: 3,000 Pesos / 155 USD (Double Occupancy)

This tour is a special treat!  Visit the mysterious Chenes heartland in north central Campeche.  Very few visitors make it to these picturesque sites and you will come away with a good understanding of the architecture and history of this strategically important zone.


Santa Rosa Xtampak – the largest and most important Chenes site an hour away from Bolonchen. Located on two hilltops, you'll be impressed with the scale of the buildings and the mixture of architectural styles.

Dzibilnocac – small but unique site located in a village.  See a large temple that appears similar to Uxmal

Hochob– a compact site but with the most iconic Chenes style architecture.  You'll understand why the Anthropological Museum in Mexico City decided to erect a replica of a Hochob temple

Sayil –   we'll tour this important Puuc site on our way to Santa Rosa Xtampak.  We'll be able to compare and contrast this architecture to the Chenes sites.  An older site, Sayil deserves a second look.

Bolonchen – our hotel is located in the pueblo where you will see ground zero of the Mennonite influence in Campeche state.


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