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Departures from Merida 

2022 Tours


TBD February    Bacalar - Snake Kingdom - 3 days

TBD March        Calakmul Biosphere - 3 days

TBD April.          Santa Rosa/Chenes - 2 days

October 28        Day of the Dead Tour - 1 day

My Bio

It's been 35 years since my first visit to the Maya ruins of Uxmal.  Since that time I've explored every corner of the Maya world.  Our focus is interdisciplinary: archaeology, history, biology, anthropology and the use of technology in Maya studies.

We cater to the mature traveler who wants adventure and knowledge but prefers not to sleep on the ground.  

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Group Tours

How much time do you have to explore the Maya World? For the 2019 - 2020 tour season we offer:

  • 3-day tours from Merida throughout the Yucatan peninsula


Custom Hybrid Tours

Have you "been there, done that"?  We have over 35 years experience in exploring every nook and cranny of the Maya World. Let's create your own special itinerary - you choose which cultural activities, archaeological sites, and adventure excursions you want. Check out some of the highlighted destinations and let's work together to create YOUR trip of a lifetime.  


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Day Tours from Merida

Our one-day tours from Merida give you an opportunity to sample some of the best sites and activities available in the Yucatan.  We offer birding, kayaking, cenotes, archaeological sites, visits to handicraft vendors, Mayan cuisine and a whole lot more.  Check out the difference between the others and Bob's tour offering.


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Calakmul Biosphere Tour

Our most popular tour is an intensive 3-day trip to the Calakmul Biosphere to see amazing Maya ruins and protected rainforest with abundant wildlife

  • Calakmul 

  • Balamku 

  • Becan

  • Hochob

  • Bat Volcano 

  • Hormiguero

Price:  7,200 MXN or $385 USD

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Bacalar and the Snake Kingdom

This is your chance to visit the famous Laguna Bacalar.  We'll reserve plenty of time for you to relax on the water.  Enjoy a boat tour and a sunset cocktail.

Additionally your journey includes a tour of Dzibanche, Kinichna and Chacchoben.  This area is the ancient homeland of the powerful Snake Kingdom which struggled mightily against Tikal for centuries.  You'll see howler monkeys, classic Peten architecture, and the beautiful Palace at Dzibanche.

Price: 8,000 MXN or $444 USD


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Palenque and

Chiapas Festivals

Join us on this journey through Maya time and space.  Not only will we visit the two most fascinating and important Maya ruins in Chiapas (Palenque and Tonina), but see how Maya beliefs are still practiced today in pre-lent festivals.


The Tenosique Pochó dances are a great introduction into the Pantheon of Maya gods and spirits.  And you'll never forget a visit to the indigenous and independent town of Chamula for the Carnaval celebrating the 5 lost days of the solar calendar.


Additionally, you'll take a boat trip down the splendid Sumidero Canyon and see the famous Misol Ha falls.

This rather posh tour features departures from Merida and Cancun. Airfare to and from Chiapas is included in tour price!

Day 1 - Fly to Villahermosa - Visit Comalcalco Maya Ruins

Day 2 - Tour Palenque Maya Ruins 

Day 3-  Indigenous Pochó Dance Festival Tenosique 

Day 4 - Misol Ha waterfall and Tonina Maya Ruins

Day 5 - San Cristobal Market - Chamula "New Fire" Carnaval

Day 6 - Sumidero Canyon - free time in San Cristobal

Day 7 - Fly to Merida from Tutxla Gutierrez 

Price:  22,000 MXN or $1,190 USD

Add 1,200 pesos for Cancun departure

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